Patent Holder

Robert Gellibolian

Robert Gellibolian
1) Markaryan, A. and Gellibolian, R. (2012). US 61/660,928. Methods and assays for identifying cytomegalovirus, related viruses and related infections. The assay is a combination of unique PCR and asymmetrical probes for quantitative end point detection and identification of infectious disease and polymorphisms underlying genetic disorders or variants of infectious agents.

2) Markaryan, A. and Gellibolian, R. (2012). US 61/642,603. Diagnostic Biomarkers and their relation to age-related diseases. 3 biomarker proteins have been identified to play a fundamental role in the progression of age-related diseases such as presbycusis, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

3) Gellibolian, R. (2012). A simple saliva collection device for use in salivary diagnostics.

4) Gellibolian, R. (2012). US 61/668,401. Water Vessel with system to monitor hydration and electrolyte consumption. The patent covers a water bottle with 3 modular components: (1) filtration, (2) functional tablet delivery, and (3) flow monitoring in real time.

5) Gellibolian, R. and Rouhani, R. (2007). Method and system for assaying
transferase activity. US 2007/0264667.

6) Gellibolian, R. and LeProust, E. (2003). US 7,192,710. Methods and compositions for high throughput identification of protein/nucleic acid binding pairs. The invention described is about mapping the binding sites of nucleic acids and proteins in a high throughput fashion.

3) Gellibolian, R. (2003). Method and system for array signal generation and
amplification. US 2003/0036065.