Problem Solver

Robert Gellibolian

Robert Gellibolian
Looking for an innovative fresh look at solving your

Areas Robert Gellibolian is Knowledgeable in:

- Biological and life sciences
- Pharmaceutical
- in vitro diagnostics
- companion diagnostics
- assay development (cell-based and in vitro)
- Product development

Techniques Robert Gellibolian Uses:

I like to use knowledge gained from my education and apply it in novel ways to real world problems and other fields. I really like operating outside the box, particularly in fields outside my comfort zone. I am the inventor of a consumer product (water bottle) that stemmed from just such a brainstorming activity. We are in fact launching the company to commercialize the idea behind it.

I typically like to employ my analytical, scientific, statistical skills combined with imagination, creativity and collaboration with other individuals that bring a different perspective into the equation. Creative problem solving requires cross-disciplinary methods and thinking.

In instances I am involved in group problem solving activities, team building is a BIG ticket item I focus on the most. The team leader plays a fundamentally important role in this aspect and can make or break the deal. Team building and providing leadership is a key aspect of success.

I also like to learn first about the problem being solved or product being developed, understand who the end users are and then I typically like to engage in an exercise of "reverse engineering" the product or solution to fir the market demographic. This will facilitate solving the problem by focusing on value added perspective of the end user.

Robert Gellibolian's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Consumer product evaluation
  2. Idea (concept) development
  3. Assay and technology development
  4. Leadership / Team building
  5. Intellectual property evaluation
  6. Business development
  7. Multi and cross-disciplinary program development

Robert Gellibolian's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - Led development of patented, quantitative PCR-based diagnostic technology for point-of-care diagnostic applications (animal diagnostic and human).
    - I secured ~$7M in federal funding for a mid size non-profit research institution focusing on hearing research.
    - Created genetically engineered mammalian cell lines for monitoring ligand-induced GPCR activation of the NFkB signaling pathway for a drug discovery startup.
    - Designed, and implemented novel methods identifying variables in manufacturing that decreased the microarray failure rate from 70% to 25%, (cost savings of $500K/mo).
    - Co-developed a novel room temperature, UV curable, and fuel resistant silicone-based gels and polymers for a large Japanese chemical company. Applications; (1) protection of computer chip sensor regulating the critical air to fuel ratio in GM automobiles, (2) fuel/oil-sealing gasket for the United States Army’s Apache helicopter.