Problem Solver

Robert Goodman

Robert Goodman's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. protein biochemistry
  2. football coaching
  3. medical hx & physical exam
  4. computer programming (practical)
  5. nucleic acid biochemistry
  6. general & copy editing, proofreading
  7. patent prosecution
  8. clinical trial study design & protocol preparation
  9. microbiology (practical)
  10. animal cell culture

Robert Goodman's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I was first to use gel-shift electrophoresis on a RNA-protein interaction.
  2. I determined that two time- and resource-consuming problems in medical device development were a result of miscommunication: one in a pyrogenicity assay of hemodialyzers, another in cloudiness in peritoneal dialysate. In the former case someone had made a routine, but incorrect, assumption of equivalence; in the latter, the chemical engr. misconstrued the nurse because of lack of overlapping knowledge.
  3. I made the center-quarterback exchange in American football easier for children by reviving an old technique, which also has other advantages for conduct of the offense.
  4. I used a mixing experiment to determine whether one buffer was catalyzing a rxn or another was inhibiting it.
  5. I have kludged together various sorts of software and hardware to produce results when the hardware & software I had was very limited. For example, I used a castoff fax machine to scan a document into a computer via a nullfax cx, exported the image in another format from the MS-DOS based fax program, then used a castoff DOS-based graphics program to convert to another format that would be more widely readable when I FTP'd it to a public HTML directory. 43 yrs. ago I wrote a program for a programmable calculator to generate & print random numbers, using such tricks as dividing the contents of a register by itself to generate an artificial "1" and dividing by 0 to generate an error and halt, which were necessary due to the limitations of the hardware.
  6. I got Howard A. Stern to seek the Libertarian Party nomination for governor of NY. It was a matter of bringing together persons with mutual interests, but most people didn't realize the process took nearly a decade.
  7. I used bacteria as a probe for leaks in hemodialyzers.
  8. I had 2 US patents issued, prosecuted pro se, for which I did my own clinical testing: one for a toiletry, the other for a nasal & sinus decongestant.