Problem Solver

Robert Mills

Robert Mills

Areas Robert Mills is Knowledgeable in:

•Technology Stratigy
•Changing cultures through technology
•Expertise in information technology, computer and electronics technology
•Facilitating teams
•Finding the idea that has not been thought of

Techniques Robert Mills Uses:

•Research and brainstorm then develop a good strategy to attack the problem
•Never forget to work with the rest of the team to include diverse ideas
•Focus on the challange objectives

Robert Mills's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. •Finding the idea that has not been thought of
  2. •Expertise in computer and electronics technology
  3. •Changing cultures through technology
  4. •Technology Stratigy
  5. •Facilitating teams
  6. •Information Technology
  7. •Security

Robert Mills's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. •I am very good working with teams
    •I am a former executive CTO and CIO at a top flight R&D company.
    •I started working at Fermilab in Chicago IL and have been involved with innovation ever since.
    •I am able to produce a high quality contribution across a broad area of knowledge
    •My expertise in computer and electronics technology is fully up to date
    •I enjoy the challenge and
    •I have recently (2013) won 2 awards from so I can win this