Problem Solver

Robert Vojak

Areas Robert Vojak is Knowledgeable in:

Number theory
Fractal analysis

Techniques Robert Vojak Uses:

No special tehcnique but I always need to have Mathelatica or Matlab with me. I always do a lot of experiments in order to exhibit the starting point of my tehroretical reseach.

Robert Vojak's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. comfortable with programming languages (PHP, Java, ..) and maths software liek Mathematica and Matlab

Robert Vojak's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Several years of theroretical research in multifractal analysis (phd thesis on multifractal analysis of road traffic in Paris). Study of Haussdorf dimension of measures. Proof of a strong relationship between the Legendre specturm and the box multifractal spectrum (paper published in Advances in Mathematics). I published an article in CRAS (Journal of the French Academy of Science) entitled "On the influence of coverings in multifractal analysis".