Problem Solver

Robert Widacki

Areas Robert Widacki is Knowledgeable in:

thinking outside the box, love to theorize and conspire, i can see clearly and understand simple physics, mechanical problems are my area

Techniques Robert Widacki Uses:

keeping it simple, never quickfix, find the problem, discuss and act on it, follow up,

Robert Widacki's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. woodworking,welding,maintainance,driving,loss prevention,protection,scrapping

Robert Widacki's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. 30 years of hard knocks, 10 years of military, 20 years of daily grind, i was a job hopper so i am a jack of all but an expert of none. life experience is what you will get from me, but i have a very open mind and can see through a lot of different layers