Problem Solver

Roberto Belda

Areas Roberto Belda is Knowledgeable in:

Marketing management, brand management, strategic planning, salesmanship, co-operativism, human resources, education and general management.

Techniques Roberto Belda Uses:

Focus group discussions, brain storming, survey questionnaires, use of secondary sources to gather data, research.

Roberto Belda's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. article writing for on-line and traditional publications
  2. use of SPSS software in data analysis
  3. newsletter lay-out and design
  4. conducting social researches/studies

Roberto Belda's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - I helped developed and co-authored the Comprehensive Land Use Plans (CLUP) of the Municipalities of Bani, Dasol, Villasis, Mabini, Burgos and San Nicolas in Pangasinan and the Municipality of Sugpon in Ilocos Sur in 2012 here in the Philippines.

    - I helped advised undergraduate and masteral students in developing their theses.

    I reorganized and established the operation and profitability of a dormant research company in 2009.

    I re-activated the operation of an I.T. school and led in the recruitment of students for its two-year and short-term I.T. courses in 2007.

    I drafted and implemented for an English tutorial school’s first-ever Employee Handbook in 2007.

    I conducted and facilitated marketing management and sales management trainings/seminars for non-sales professionals using theories and actual field practice.

    I developed and proposed a Vision and Mission Statement for a Multi-Purpose Cooperative which was approved by the General Assembly, January 2006.