Problem Solver

Robson Lisboa

Areas Robson Lisboa is Knowledgeable in:

mobility, software, cloud based solutions, digital technology, digital convergence, internet of things.
online services

Techniques Robson Lisboa Uses:

innovation labs (focus on experience first, operation second, business model third)
user centric creation
Living Labs
Focus groups, involving end-users

Robson Lisboa's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. teamwork
  2. ideation methods
  3. business modeling
  4. partners engagement
  5. opportunity vision

Robson Lisboa's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Patent granted to solve diagnosis problems in complex engineering products, thru knowledge management.
    I have created, working for Nokia and Samsung, several new services and solutions with partners in Brazil and Latin America, for end-consumer and B2B (carriers, entertainment companies, games, etc)