Problem Solver

Rocio Quijada

Rocio Quijada

Areas Rocio Quijada is Knowledgeable in:

3D modeling and CNC programming,
Engineering for Designers
Heat Transfer
Quality Control, Assurance and Management
Process optimizing

Techniques Rocio Quijada Uses:

Defining the problem. I try to understood the specific problem in order to orientate my research.
Generating alternatives. I begun researching, calculation and expose alternatives such a brain storm.
Evaluating and selecting alternatives. When I have alternatives, I evaluate them matching factibility, resourses, badget, etc.
Implementing solutions. When I have the best choice, I implement it and check it if it is the best, if not, I begin the cycle.

Rocio Quijada's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Native Spanish
  2. CAD/CAM
  3. Quality Assurance Consultant
  4. Machinery design
  5. Adults Competence Training

Rocio Quijada's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I am a certified Quality Management System consultant by BID
    I implanted a Quality Assurance System for a Geochemical Laboratory, Service and manufacturing Enterprises
    I am a certified instructor of Autodesk Inventor
    I developed the first Autodesk Training Center in El Salvador
    I do calculations and recommendations in thermal analysis for boilers, and other machinery and process