Problem Solver

Rodney Demers

Rodney Demers
I am aware that problems will never cease. Nothing can ever be perfect. But, by looking at a situation or challenge from a totally different angle and perspective, amazing results can happen! Most people don't have a gift to be able to see things differently. Its like if you have natural talent, it may be easy for you to do some things, and next to impossible for others. I have a natural talent for looking at things in a different light. It really is exciting to see things change before your eyes. I am up for challenges, to me it can be very rewarding.

Areas Rodney Demers is Knowledgeable in:

I have a gift of creativity. Solutions and improvements many times just comes to me. How products are produced, the assembly line, and making the work place safer, interests me. It is not limited to any one issue. I also am wiling to look at and help in ideas that help people, or even countries to advance the human condition.. I am willing to look at most any thing that doesn't need a chemist, or advanced technology.

Techniques Rodney Demers Uses:

I have a gift of solving problems. I most of the time, have found that a solution to a problem will just come to me. Not with all things, but with many things. The more hands on I am, the better. Its not really any technique. It just seems to happen.

Rodney Demers's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. I have developed new ways to capture wind energy and store it. My invention would work in very high wind, much different than t
  2. I owned a tree farm for eight years. Started it from seeds and seedlings. I developed new ways to extract trees from the ground
  3. I worked in the oil fields of North Dakota for almost two years. Was very envolved with the operation of the well sites.
  4. I have a patent on a magnectic window cleaning device. My wife and I brought the project from idea to the market place. We even
  5. I am a professional musician, writer, producer,session musician. I have five of my own albums. Have recorded for many others.

Rodney Demers's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I invented what I call the training guitar. Anyone who has ever learned to play the guitar has the same issues. The human arm and wrist was not designed to be able to play a chord on the guitar without lots of pain. After being a guitar teacher for much of my life, I figured out a way to make learning much easier. The older the person is, the stiffer their arm and wrist are. This will enable anyone to play the guitar in steps, instead of trying to do it all at once.
  2. I invented a way to redirect sound from loud speakers without losing the full effect of the sound. It could be used to control the sound in real time with out needing to change the volume.
  3. I figured out a way to remove plastic from a stainless steel ceiling. The company needed it to be finished on a deadline and I was able to get the job done.
  4. I have helped businesses with there process to safely speed up production. This would give them more profit and make the work place a better place to work.
  5. I invented a much better system to extract trees from the ground. The most common way is using a spade that is very hard on the roots and puts a lot of stress on the trees. My way is even a much better way to transport trees.
  6. I have developed a natural non toxic ant killer. This can be used anywhere and not harm animals or children.
  7. I invented a product that allows windows that are second story and up, to be cleaned from the inside. If the window can be opened, they can be cleaned no matter how high up. Good for high rise buildings, and home owners. I also developed a dry window cleaning system that polishes the window, for an amazing clear window with no scratches.