Problem Solver

Rogério Normand

Areas Rogério Normand is Knowledgeable in:

Finance, startups, business models, competitive advantage, healthcare, life science

Rogério Normand's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. finance
  2. business development/planning
  3. Big Data
  4. startups
  5. strategy

Rogério Normand's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Led the deployment of a new hospital, considering aspects of real estate, investment vehicle, shareholder’s agreement, equipment-purchase negotiation and further exit for investors, acting as client representative;
    Acted as strategist/advisor to a medical products start-up company allowing it to move from local to global player;
    Visited China to explore opportunities for new suppliers, allowing Brazilian Retail Chain Store to save more than 50% on its purchase costs;
    Acted as advisor to a joint venture startup between UK/CA shareholders, modelling the future growth, results and exit strategy.
  2. Sold a local IT/Automation company to Accenture, after a long term support in business strategy, planning and performance enhancement;
    Acted as strategist/negotiator in a 50/50 international shareholder dispute to buy American Venture Capital Fund interest, allowing customer to profit from USD 18 million buy price to USD 250 million in an IPO, in the education sector;
    Led the whole cycle in the process that allowed Tyson to buy a poultry company in Brazil, after previous frustrated negotiations due to business planning;
  3. Acted as strategist/advisor to revert an imminent hospital bankruptcy to a successful MBO through a shareholder’s even-balanced company for 150 physicians;
    Worked in the Energy sector, including Oil & Gas (Government tenders, suppliers acquisition), fuel distribution (merger & strategic plan - Ale Combustíveis), Electricity (selling Citeluz to EDF, selling Ecoluz to PE fund, thermoelectric plant investment, mini hydro studies) and renewables (ethanol in special, including electricity generation);
    Established offshore entity (Netherlands), including shareholder’s agreement, for family investment purposes, postponing tax effect for more than 10 years and enabling an easier succession planning;
    Co-ordinated the negotiation between Brazil's major residential real estate developer and the major local one to establish a new joint venture;
    Led strategy for a merger of three local construction companies, allowing the new firm to become a national firm and prepared it for an IPO;