Problem Solver

Rogelio Andres Cervantes Ramirez

Rogelio Andres Cervantes Ramirez

Areas Rogelio Andres Cervantes Ramirez is Knowledgeable in:

Social behavior.
Neuro-Linguistic Programming.
Information Analysis.
Creative thinking.
Explaining dense content, teaching.

Techniques Rogelio Andres Cervantes Ramirez Uses:

I use my logical skills, i have mastered them since i was a child, i was very reserved, i used to observe everything and just think, i learned to think very well, then i trained myself to make more and more complex tasks, such as riddles, philophosical problems, braingym excersises, studying physics, astronomy and related areas(by myself), the more complex, the best, when i mastered intellectual logical thinking, i started to interest on my mind, on how it works and what could i learn from it, so i made a deep journey inside, and learned a lot of stuff, about me and others, i think i have the elements to be a great problem solver, i am highly creative, i am highly logical, and love challenges. What i basically do is: take any idea that can be considered as logic, then i try to shaped it, to pull it off it limits, and for that i use creativity, i like to express my ideas through solutions that can be helpful and useful for others.

Rogelio Andres Cervantes Ramirez's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Critical Analysis; great perspective to see into the little details and do objective conclusions.
  2. Creativity; will always find an answer to a problem due to a highly creative mind that focus on every aspect on different persp
  3. Lateral thinking; as a way to ensure that we are not only seeing the obvious and we can actually solve the problem the best way
  4. Highly logical; great logical habilities mixed with creavity, this help us differentiate realistic creative thinking from usele

Rogelio Andres Cervantes Ramirez's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Foresaw the bitcoing uprising race, and made some money for others and my self.
  2. Solved geniunely every problem or riddle i have had the chance to.
  3. Identified a market chance on the beginnings of facebook, and started a business of cellphones before pages and groups were used for that purpose. I ran another successful business over facebook from 2016 to 2018.
  4. Found my solution to many answers, such as life meaning and spirituality, succesfully learned how to defeat, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and many other related problems, organized talks and created a page to share helpful information and help people move on with their life, find a peaceful way of living, being successful and taking advantage of all their potential.