Problem Solver

Roger Moody

Roger Moody

Areas Roger Moody is Knowledgeable in:

Text network analysis for research, Research model building in any subject or application.

Techniques Roger Moody Uses:

The InfraNodus interface, linearity analysis, abstraction and meta-analysis are the research methods I use.

Roger Moody's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Experience of liquid handling instruments
  2. Experience of instrumental chemical analysis
  3. Experience of Biotechnology investing
  4. Experience of compound management operations in research
  5. Experience of Agricultural chemical analysis
  6. Experience of fuels additive business
  7. Experience of pharmaceutical manufacting
  8. User of GEPHI visualization interface
  9. Experience of Landfill industry
  10. Expert user of Infranodus to rapidly acquire expertise and access to public data.
  11. Model building and unification of knowledge - Building text networks, abstracting and meta analysing data

Roger Moody's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed a Peptide drug solid dose formulation.

    I built research models in oncology, AI, machine learning and pharmaceutical research using the Infranodus interface.