Problem Solver

Roxana Proca

Roxana Proca

Areas Roxana Proca is Knowledgeable in:

Research related to International Relations, Political Science, Europeanization and European integration, EU strategies

Among my strengths relevant for this research position I mention my Economics and European studies and my EU work experience enabling me not only to adapt quickly to new requirements but also to manage the development of the research so as to ensure its successful finalization within the set timeframe. Furthermore, the European workshops, trainings, seminars and courses I participated in the past six years, provide an in-depth understanding of EU institutions, Treaties, policies and of other key topics such as: the EU social market economy; democracy (democratic deficit vs legitimacy); globalization and multilevel governance; economic governance; migration and asylum; EU-US transatlantic relations; Sino-African relations; the EU2020 Strategy, EU Culture, education and youth programs, the European Neighbourhood Policy and EUROMed; EU crisis management and humanitarian aid, EU peacekeeping operations and border management conflicts; EU cohesion policy and regional development; EU competition law and international trade; micro and macroeconomics. My knowledge in EU policies, migration, labour migration, Europeanization and development policies, has been expanding in the past years.

Roxana Proca's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Fluent in Romanian, Italian and English; Knowledge of French, Spanish and Dutch.
  2. Teaching certificate

Roxana Proca's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - I developed a safe communication procedure between financial departments using existent IT technology for large data storage.
    - I built up an administrative strategy for a department of the largest European executive institution the European Commission to simplify correspondence circuits.