Problem Solver

Ruel Peneyra

Areas Ruel Peneyra is Knowledgeable in:

agricultural machineries
agricultural and food processing (sorting, drying technologies)
solar and micro-hydro development

Techniques Ruel Peneyra Uses:

I usually do a thorough understanding of the project, characteristics of the subject materials (e.g. in drying), functional requirements (e.g. machinery) and available technologies. This is usually followed by paper activities such as design and math models before the prototyping and optimization by proper evaluation.

Ruel Peneyra's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. electronic controls and instrumentation
  2. can design and conduct researches in agricultural engineering field
  3. designer of agricultural machinery
  4. by product development from biomass
  5. designer of postharvest and food processing equipment
  6. expertise in various drying techniques for food and agricultural materials
  7. designer of village level technology for rural development
  8. microhydro and solar power generation and systems implementation

Ruel Peneyra's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I designed a locally made greenhouse for a village client to help them in off-season production of local high value vegetables.
  2. I developed a method of milled rice characterization using computer vision technique implemented in low cost image acquisition hardware to replace a subjective human evaluation technique.
  3. I am a part of a team that worked on prolonging the shelf life of Philippine mango and keep it green for a month by manipulating the environmental factors and gas composition inside the storage chamber for the possibility of using sea freight as an alternative shipping method to very expensive air freight to western countries.
  4. I designed and developed a rural technology that effectively extract bee honey from the comb.
  5. I designed a locally fabricated micro-hydro system and developed a load distributor and regulator for village application for off-grid rural electrification project.
  6. I evaluated and worked on several strategies to adopt the use of various Chinese agricultural machinery in the Philippines
  7. I developed a management information system for all relevant and published information in water resources management of my university.
  8. I worked with my students in the design and application of radiant energy, heat pump and microwave technology in drying heat sensitive agri-food materials as clean and energy saving method and to address the need for appropriate drying technique on various commodities.
  9. I worked with a team to develop a two wheel tractor drawn corn planter with fertilizer applicator.