Problem Solver

Ruth van Vierzen

Areas Ruth van Vierzen is Knowledgeable in:

Business development and writing; bid proposals; communications

Techniques Ruth van Vierzen Uses:

- Effective and consistent communication; emphasis on mutual respect and recognition; presenting opportunities to bring out and maximize people's talents; attention to detail; big-picture thinking; minimize ego's to keep larger shared goal in mind. Knowing when micro-management is appropriate and when it's not.

Ruth van Vierzen's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Business start-ups and development - consultant for business start-ups
  2. Sales experience - direct, B2B & retail
  3. Internet marketing
  4. Confident and competent trained public speaker
  5. Diplomacy skills - have chaired committees and facilitated workshops
  6. Advanced business writing skills
  7. Advanced Bid Skills for RFP's (tendering)
  8. Research
  9. Astute political analysis skills - degree in Political Science & government experience
  10. Strong oral and written skills
  11. Creating business plans
  12. Certified hypnotherapist specializing in stress management & anxiety

Ruth van Vierzen's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - Chaired marketing committee that implemented tendering process for development of new branding and website for non-profit organization
  2. - Successfully completed a contract under tight deadline writing technical synopses of engineering firms and their specialties for a new marketing initiative for the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction
  3. - Coordinated and developed proposal for federal government bid that involved multiple departments that were proposing a new operational methodology
  4. - Successfully established a new sales division in Toronto for a business client that resulted in doubling of company revenue for my client in less than 2 years
  5. - I acted as liaison between internal IT department and outsourced private company to mediate technical and relationship difficulties in bringing new technology into government organization
  6. - Established internal departments to support start-up land development company and ensure it completed its builds on schedule and budget. Departments established included IT, human resources, office adminstration and marketing.