Problem Solver

Ruzica Velickovic

Areas Ruzica Velickovic is Knowledgeable in:

- Clinical trials
- Pharmacokinetics
- Pharmacoepidemiology
- Translation of scientific achevements to practice
- Translation (from one language to another)

Techniques Ruzica Velickovic Uses:

Usually Simplex, but sometimes I simply get an idea

Ruzica Velickovic's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. clinical trials management
  2. pharmacology and pharmacotherapy in mental health
  3. pharmacoepidemiology
  4. therapeutic drug management
  5. bichemistry
  6. pharmacokinetics
  7. research in neurology
  8. pharmacovigilance
  9. translation in medicine and pharmacy

Ruzica Velickovic's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I built up hospital laboratory for therapeutic drug monitoring in a surrounding where this was unusual activity, with low budget, using available resources, professional knowledge and good ideas.
  2. I have no patents, and was not included in big projects, but in each project I worked on, I tried to follow up several principles, use available resources and had currage to make decisions.