Problem Solver

Süleyman Anil Ugur

Süleyman Anil Ugur

Areas Süleyman Anil Ugur is Knowledgeable in:

History,Geomotry,Physic,Medical devices,Manufacturing,Analyzing,Statistic,Earth sciences,Experiments,Space Technology,Energy sources,Inventions,Human Biology vs...

Techniques Süleyman Anil Ugur Uses:

State the problem

Research the problem to get ideas

Choose one of the ideas most suitable for the real life

Analyze the last idea and make calculations

Design the solution


Result (If it is not working turn the top)

Süleyman Anil Ugur's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Analyzer,Problem solver,Reporter,Researcher,Experimenter,Designer

Süleyman Anil Ugur's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I designed the pillow for the hair transplantatient patients healing process
    I designed an heater which has high efficiency and low electiric consumption
    I designed an renewable energy system which has big energy production capability
    I specified the mechanical properties of the squid to make an machine