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Saad Alhossin

Saad Alhossin
Abualeiz Antenna is an antenna design method for UHF and Microwave RFID applications. it has self matching impedance and it can offer high memory , add seven levels of security and working with multi-band frequencies. its a new RFID-Tag generation that can used more than one chip in one tag.
TACAT-RFID Tag is the standard and regulation that must be used with the Abualeiz antenna to have seven levels of security.
The inventions offer the following features:
1. High user memory depends on the type of chip used (Example: 2048kb of user memory, with size of 5cm, 1.5cm).
2. Low cost, dependent on memory size (Examples: 8192 Bits of user memory cost 1.2*M , 2048kb cost 2.4*M where M is the cost of single-chip Tag and so on)
3. Flexible design for different shape and type (such as, metal tags, labels and so on).
4. Add seven levels of wireless security and protection during the transfer of information in the air. This enables us to eliminate many problems such as:
- RFID Reader Collision.
- No-specialty for reader (possibility of unwanted reader for reading tags).
- Wireless Data flow is unsecured and unsaved.
- Unauthorized access to tags
- Rogue and clone tags
- Side channel attacks
5. The size of the tags is small compared to what is available in the world market.
6. The technique can be used to design tags to work at microwave frequencies as well.

Saad Alhossin's patents:

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