Problem Solver

samuel montalvo

I am a mensa member who, except for a couple years of law school, has not had his brain washed by excessive education. My brain is still flexible and able to see problems from many points of view.

Areas samuel montalvo is Knowledgeable in:

Philosophy. Alternative medicine.

Techniques samuel montalvo Uses:

Full mental immersion. I try to come up with the solution without too much outside influence, except those I may be working with.

samuel montalvo's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. patent process (hold 7 patents)
  2. electronics
  3. plc programming. used to design various packaging machines.
  4. robotics
  5. pnematics design
  6. designed program for using co2 laser to perforate plastic bags.
  7. mechanics.

samuel montalvo's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. In 1995 I designed a standalone write protect tab mover using a tungten carbide bit manipulated by a couple of air cylinders and a plc.
  2. In 1993, I designed the worlds first 3 1/2 inch diskette collator.
  3. I designed the world's lightest, completely automatic teeing machine for golf course practice sessions.9 lbs.
    Patented in 2003.
  4. My patent #7,198,279 makes shopping carts manageable using only one hand. It also makes them able to be parked on inclines, hug corners, turn on a dime and makes them accessible to handicapped people - one armed, etc.
  5. I discovered exactly why the US has, historically, been the richest country in the world. The answer is completely geographic.
  6. I have a very interesting theory about the epidemic of Autism in the US.