Problem Solver

Sarah Tin

Sarah Tin

Areas Sarah Tin is Knowledgeable in:

biological related issues, global warming, genetics, sickness and diseases prevention and treatment, environmental issues

Techniques Sarah Tin Uses:

back to the basic old science

Sarah Tin's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. curious researcher
  2. patient volunteer
  3. constructive criticism
  4. analytical skill
  5. critical thinking
  6. good time management, organisation and good action planner
  7. mastering major basics of science: deep in, simple out in various related topics
  8. problem solver with positive attitude
  9. basic computer
  10. trilingual

Sarah Tin's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - I partner with a friend trying to solve the plaguing waste issue that polluting the air, water, occupying land, imposing risks of health hazard and very expensive process in our country with simple, easy, cost effective and sustainable methods
  2. - I suggested to use free solar panel but redesign it with cheaper alternative e.g. black metal + water container, instead of building nuclear station in our country in a forum
  3. - I suggested to use door and window screens, understand the timing of mosquitoes, wear protective clothing, taking care of the cleanliness of the house and surrounding to clear of mosquito breeding ground, to solve problems with malaria when someone cried out frustratedly in a forum after distributing much mosquito nets and spending much on vaccine and still having less effective results