Problem Solver

Saurabh Chopra

Saurabh Chopra

Areas Saurabh Chopra is Knowledgeable in:

software, programming, ui architecture

Techniques Saurabh Chopra Uses:

ClassMates (as college project for Christ University, Bangalore)
developed social network for education/work purpose where colleagues share work/education related things like problems for group solving, schedules, notes, research and stay updated with organization or college.
it was well rewarded and put on one of top 10 science exhibition stalls in college

Saurabh Chopra's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. programming
  2. user interface design
  3. innovation to increase productivity
  4. make things efficient
  5. make things simple
  6. ideation

Saurabh Chopra's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. (as self help project during Christ University, Bangalore)
    developed a online attendance calculator with an algorithm to predict no. of class to attend or can be taken leave to maintain an specified percent of attendance (min. req by college)
    it is still popular among many colleges used by 2000+ students daily
  2. CartBargain (as self help project to save money by getting best deals from over dozen of ecommerce websites)
    developed a real-time price comparison tool to search a dozens of websites and display results in one page to get the best deal and proceed buying from that particular ecommerce store
  3. Excel VBA Macro based daily life apps
    WalletCashier - for accounting daily expenses and easy ledger of small loans to friends
    Cheque/Slips Printer - for printing on cheques and generating slips for depositing cheques to our account
    Accounting App - for maintaining ledgers for small businesses with automatic interest calculation, automatic list of due balances with interest and due days