Problem Solver

Scott Shaffer

Scott Shaffer
I have made a career of finding companies and individuals with disruptive technology. I also am a successful product developer. Along with my creative side, my financial background allows me to see and generate many business opportunities. I have been called a visionary by many. I enjoy problem solving and look forward to solving yours.

Areas Scott Shaffer is Knowledgeable in:

Fitness, marketing, branding, business, relationships, consumer products, TV, movie, society. The only area I wouldnt have interest in would be anything electronic.

Techniques Scott Shaffer Uses:

I am a pen and paper kind of guy, very visual. With every problem, the more angles you can view it, the more solutions you can generate. A notepad and a quiet place have allowed me to create many multi million dollar ideas for problems.

Scott Shaffer's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. movie expert
  2. numerous patents
  3. visionary
  4. competitive IronMan triathlete
  5. problem solver
  6. infomercial expertise
  7. angel investor
  8. brand manager

Scott Shaffer's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have built several multi million dollar brands from just an idea.
  2. I have raised over $1B in the capital markets for start up companies. I worked on Wall St for over 20 years. Initially as stock broker, then institutional adviser and finally as an investment banker for start up companies. I am now an angel investor that funds private start up companies.
  3. I fund and market great ideas from new inventors. My company helps inventors turn great ideas into royalties.
  4. I hold several patents and trademarks from products I have created. Everything from fitness products to children's clothing, I have gone through the patent and trademark process numerous times.
  5. I am a competitive IronMan triathlete that competes worldwide. I have done 11 IronMan triathlons and numerous half IronMan races. I have qualified for the 70.3 World Championship three times. My life is fitness.
  6. I have been featured in the Wall St Journal, NY Times and on CNN for my ability to uncover companies with disruptive technology.