Problem Solver

Sergey A. Orshanskiy

Sergey A. Orshanskiy

Areas Sergey A. Orshanskiy is Knowledgeable in:

Classical algorithms and theoretical computer science.
Mathematics (I have a Ph.D.)
Software - from engineering to research, I've been programming since a very young age.

Interested - I am a polymath, and have studied many fields in some depth. Aside from dance and music training, I did street sales, was certified as a yoga teacher, did my own green card petition (in the EB1A category), studied a fair amount of philosophy. I have scored in the 99-th % on the SAT, ACT , and the GMAT, and have tutored the GMAT including the essay section.

I am very good at open-ended questions, particularly those requiring a broad expertise in all kinds of things.

Techniques Sergey A. Orshanskiy Uses:


Talking to all kinds of people.

Skimming books in all kinds of fields that might have clues: art, marketing, finance, politics, law, linguistics, nutrition, child development, design, fashion - I read everything.

Writing code and experimenting.

Sergey A. Orshanskiy's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - I created a novel algorithm for placing text on a curved path, including right-to-left and bidirectional text. Patent granted (belongs to Adobe Systems). AFAIK, used in Adobe Illustrator.
  2. - I created a food recommendation system, that was deployed to real websites and outperformed the "popular" approach (recommending popular items) by a factor of 3. Our startup Bask Labs was acquired by Seamless/Grubhub because of that.
  3. - My team was the ACM ICPC World Champion-2004.

    This is the largest, oldest, most prestigious computer programming competitions, in which a team of 3 gets five hours to solve 6-12 problems on one computer. I have also organized and judged 15 high school programming competitions including 4 at the national level.
  4. I created a novel data structure to support the needs of modern software IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) created by Borland, Inc.
  5. I collaborated on creating an algorithm for an intelligent ranking of researchers and their publications, more intelligent than simple metrics such as citation count.
  6. - I created (in collaboration) an intelligent search system that could understand free-form requests for an online food order, such as "a chicken tikka masala, a Chinese soup, and a tiramisu".