Problem Solver

Sergio Chiodini

Sergio Chiodini

Areas Sergio Chiodini is Knowledgeable in:

Medical devices (instruments, sensors for human applications)
Sensors in general (x-ray, infrared, ultrasonic, beta/gamma ray, etc.)
Extrusion film processes (cast, blown, calendering)

Sergio Chiodini's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Food packaging safety (control contaminants in packaging like sensors for legionella, salmonella, etc.)
  2. Anti-counterfeiting systems based on nanomaterials emission spectra (coding and marking products for pharmaceutical application
  3. Embedded Systems Design & Development (HW/SW/FW design)
  4. Defect inspection systems integrated into manufacturing lines (glass, metals, plastics)
  5. Pharmaceuticals (micro-fluidic devices for real-time control of contaminants in pharmaceutical fluids)
  6. Nano-materials and Graphene applications (industrial use of graphene and other new-generation materials)
  7. Life Sciences (miniaturized sensors for monitoring physiological parameters, for example blood pressure, auto sustaining supply
  8. Industrial packaging and glass (defect inspection systems for customised applications).

Sergio Chiodini's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. H2020 SME Instruments R&D project focused to mAb new concept manufacturing process and macroaggregates identification in pharmaceutical fluids (NextBioPharmDSP); we are in progress to develop microfluidic devices in industrial scale.
  2. R&D project (private commitment) and focused to high speed heating systems development by using thin layers of Graphene; plant already completed and in use to our customer.
  3. R&D project (private commitment) and focused to anti-counterfeiting systems based on nanostructures of aggregates sensitive to UV radiation; plant already completed and in use to our customer.