Problem Solver

seun ajanwachuku

seun ajanwachuku
if you want someone who is really good at solving problem extremely fast, I'm your problem solver. I may be young but when it comes to thinking differently I'm always the first on the long line.

Areas seun ajanwachuku is Knowledgeable in:

Invention, and designing (fashion and apparels)

Techniques seun ajanwachuku Uses:

Comprehension of the problem
researching previous solution if their exist one
if their exist previous solution, examine the weakness and modify it.
if their exist no previous solution;
I'll conduct a research on the type of customers
how much they are willing to pay for such solution
figure out the practicality of the possible solution
all this information will abet in coming up with a solution.

seun ajanwachuku's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. designer
  2. quick problem solver
  3. political innovator
  4. educational innovator
  5. alternative energy innovator
  6. third world country innovator
  7. Inventor
  8. innovative website concept creator
  9. toy designer

seun ajanwachuku's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Designing a new social network like Twitter. (experimental stage)
    Inventing a cooling fan to keep athlete cool while working out
    inventing a machine that generates electricity from rain, wind and solar energy.
    Designing a machine that can solve the inferno problem like the one encounter in CA.
    designing a windmill apparatus that can be assemble into almost any angular shape object.