Problem Solver

Shabbir Lokhandwala

Shabbir Lokhandwala

Areas Shabbir Lokhandwala is Knowledgeable in:

Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications. Robotics is an art which I have mastered upon and I have won more than 30 Awards for building small robots for doing various Tasks

Shabbir Lokhandwala's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Programming, Designing of Buildings, Typing, Advanced Software skills , Expert in Physics, Chemistry and Maths

Shabbir Lokhandwala's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have designed a modular home which can be constructed in 530 different configurations by just using 6 pieces of precast elements i.e Beam, column and Slab each of 2 Types. Its one of a kind for which I have won a National Award in India.