Problem Solver

Shahriar Jahan

Shahriar Jahan

Areas Shahriar Jahan is Knowledgeable in:

English, Physics, Cricket.

Shahriar Jahan's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. 8. To research something is really very interesting. since my school life i have been researching on many individuals.
  2. 7. The subject was included on both my secondary and higher secondary level. main basic is very clear to me.
  3. 6. I love movie very much. I enjoy to see latest and classical films with my best friend very much.
  4. 4. It is always a delightful subject to me since my childhood.
  5. 5. I am quite handy in this matter and almost always i stay at internet.
  6. 3. Very recently captured a graphics designing course, so hoping to have a good feedback.
  7. 2. As the subject was included in my secondary level, i am at home in this subject.
  8. 1. I know about the elements very well
  9. 9. As it is the part and parcel of our life, i am always updated in this matter.
  10. 10. I love writing specially something like this.