Problem Solver

Sheillah Opondoh

Areas Sheillah Opondoh is Knowledgeable in:

Software development, packaging, graphic design

Techniques Sheillah Opondoh Uses:

Originality, Uniqueness, The degree of the problem in an industry, Easily applicable

Sheillah Opondoh's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I recently developed a software that can be used as a Biometric Atm interface. Due to injuries or ailmets that may lead to false accept or false reject by Biometric ATM,

    The software has the ability to enable the third party to perform cash withdrawals on behalf of the user thereby allowing the real identity details of the third party to be recorded within seconds without falsifying hence giving room for accountability.
    The software has the ability to enable the user to abort a transaction that is not authorized by the user even when the user is not physically at the atm, thus preventing cash from leaving the user’s account through Biometric ATM incase of fraud attempt.

    The software value proposition is; it provides the need for flexibility whereby the users will not be limited even when physically challenged by injuries ( severe burns, deep cuts) or sickness among others, which may intefere with their biometric authemtication.