Problem Solver

Sherman Braitwaite

Areas Sherman Braitwaite is Knowledgeable in:

Electronics; Theoretical Electronics; Aviation; Physics; Theoretical Physics; Quantum Mechanics.

Techniques Sherman Braitwaite Uses:

I love jigsaw puzzles; Mathematics; Logic; Philosophy; Theoretical Mathematics; Quantum Mechanics even though I haven't studies it. I based my current intellectual properties on Quantum Mechanics hypothesis & theories; I look at problems from every angle, and try hypothetical and theoretical solutions using electrical theories (Electron Energy Research) and physics. I haven't explored those same ways of problem solving (Electron Energy Research) concerning Proton emissions and radioactive materials; However, the study is reluctantly ignorable. I realize that not many fields of study can exclude the involvement of Electrons even though Proton emissions study aren't directly included; Therefore, electrical study (Electron Energy Research) goes well with any major fields of science.

Sherman Braitwaite's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. I understand electrical energy generation, and distribution to a level where I realize that batteries are obsolete.

Sherman Braitwaite's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have a patent pending invention that may help living organisms function better as themselves being a whole, unattached from outside interferences. The device may help in healing any organ from many illnesses and disorders. In Its usual form, the device can generate unlimited electrical energy.
  2. I have a theory for a propulsion system that have real world applications. I have patented my theory as a working hypothesis of specific mechanisms interacting.
  3. I have a patent pending invention that generates unlimited (perpetual) electrical energy.