Problem Solver

Sherzod Khaydarbekov

Areas Sherzod Khaydarbekov is Knowledgeable in:

Sport industry;
Sexual toys;
Face mask;
Nature conservation solutions;

Techniques Sherzod Khaydarbekov Uses:

1) Identify the root cause of the problem;
2) Search for solutions at the maximum level;
3) Improving the existing idea;
4) Consider other causes;
5) Edit all data;
6) Revision;
7) Explain the solution;
8) Application in practice;
9) Identifying deficiencies;
10) Correction and development of deficiencies;

Sherzod Khaydarbekov's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Creative Designer
  2. Problem Solver

Sherzod Khaydarbekov's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. 1) I have developed a new type of face mask that is useful for many for the pandemic period. The essence of the project is to help you kiss through the lips! ###

    2) I developed a new type of condom project for men that helps in the process of masturbation! ###

    3) I have developed design projects for a variety of sports equipment for PE physical education! ###

    4) I have developed projects to clean nature from sunflower seed and tobacco waste! ###