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Silviu Covaliov

Silviu Covaliov My main field of work is research and development - since 2001 I'm involved in Danube Delta National Institute projects and activities regarding aquatic flora, vegetation, natural resources management such: reed, pastures, herbs, mushrooms, beekeeping plants, photo interpretation of satellite images and field-work. Developed and ruled since 1 year a go Danube Delta Technological Information Center - a technological transfer and dissemination department within the institute.
Nature Guide at TIOC NATUR- UND STUDIENREISEN for the last 11 years offering nature specialized trips, theme trips, active trips, involved in various social projects and in preservation projects.
Collaborator at Danube Delta Biosphere Administration (ARBDD), Nature Friends Romania (Prietenii Naturii Romania) and other Environment Protection Organizations.
Since 2007, I'm also working in beekeeping have had a small bee's farm.
Since 2006, I'm doing webdesign using CMS- based on Mysql, php and developed many solutions for online promotion and business management.
I have also practiced Ayurveda, Yoga, Reiki and Yumeiho as hobby or for healing purposes of close friends or family.
I like hiking, boat driving, canoe/kayak trips, nature photography(hobby level), cycling and spiritual practices/issues.
I have car and boat driving licenses with possibilities to go in the wetland field work.
The issues that I have experience and I'm interested to work on are:
- biology, ecology research (flora and vegetation capitalisation, business solutions for local people)
- wetlands - any aspect (resources, administration, culture, promotion, tourism, business)
- health - energetical healing issues and kinetotherapy
- beekeeping - solutions for practice improvement and business development
- tourism in wetland areas - solutions for promotion and new products development.

Languages Silviu Covaliov speaks: