Problem Solver

Stephen Kigotho

Stephen Kigotho

Areas Stephen Kigotho is Knowledgeable in:

Computer Science
Artificial Intelligence

Techniques Stephen Kigotho Uses:

Root Cause analysis
Morphological analysis

Stephen Kigotho's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Excellent Internet use Skills
  2. Excellent Research and Analyzation Skills
  3. Excellent Communication and Presentation skills
  4. Excellent logical and Technical concerns solving skills

Stephen Kigotho's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I trained employees on Technological Change Management to avoid loss of resources due to Resistance from Change adoption.
  2. Successfully guided several students on their Masters Thesis
  3. I carried out a research on internet access and usage in sub-Saharan Africa in-order to provide a platform of infrastructure needed to boost internet use at low cost gadgets.
  4. I designed an encryption application on Mode 4 of Aircraft Communications Addressing and Recording system to prevent interceptions of plane communications with ground stations.