Problem Solver

Stephen Mallik

Areas Stephen Mallik is Knowledgeable in:

Artificial Intelligence

Techniques Stephen Mallik Uses:

Cannot be disclosed

Stephen Mallik's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. NLP, Machine Learning, Voice intelligence

Stephen Mallik's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. We have built a FULL Stack AI platform called ArtiE (Artificial Intelligence for the Enterprise) which transforms a software developer into an AI developer. ArtIE comprises of 3 distinct layers:

    1) Natural Language Database
    2) Cognitive Neural Middleware
    3) Multi-Device User Interface with adaptive intelligence

    ArtIE is Enterprise class and at the same time light weight and embeddable.

    N L P database or knowledge-base is similar to a traditional database. the main difference is that we use english sentence to create, update and query the dataset. there is no need to learn complex syntax, just ask what you want in the way you like in english. The information is stored using concepts of objects which closely mimics the objects in the everyday world. Our N L P database is available as a micro-service for developers, to build any solution they want using our knowledge-base

  2. Cognitive Neural Middleware is the brain behind ArtIE, that consists of Signal Processor, Intent Server, Supervised and Unsupervised Learning including Meta, Knowledge, Complex Sentence, Intent and Instructional Learning

    ArtIE uses innovative technology that uses the knowledge learned by the system to generate an optimal user interface for a given device. The user interface generated by Artie will work on multiple plaforms including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Alexa, Google Home.

  3. Business: ArtIE can be used as a tool to transform and existing software resource into an AI resource. Also business can leverage its resource optimization, AI enabled interfaces and predictive analytics capability to enhance their business needs and serve their client better.

    Developers: ArtIE can be used to generate application such as voice intelligent apps, conversational iOT, Browser/App based Visual IVR, device agnostic voice ordering, Self introducing and engaging marketing application. ArtIE is truly the next generation AI platform for developers. Using ArtIE's natural language capability developers can build and deploy sophisticated application quickly without intense training.

    End Users: Users have the delight of using a futuristic application without the need to use traditional input methods like keyboard, mouse or touch. ArtIE voice intelligence is revolutionary like when the mouse was introduced 15 years back!