Problem Solver

Stephen Parker

Stephen Parker

Areas Stephen Parker is Knowledgeable in:

- DNA/RNA sequencing and analysis.
- Biology
- Science
- Technology

Techniques Stephen Parker Uses:

My scientific training (see below) is routinely used to devise approaches that will allow for the accurate resolution of problems. I am a very quantitatively-minded person, and employ this mindset to most any decision I have to make or problem I need to solve.

Stephen Parker's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Next generation high-throughput DNA, RNA, ChIP, DNase seq analysis
  2. Biological research
  3. Scientific study design and research
  4. Quantitative analysis
  5. Computer programming
  6. Mentoring and teaching
  7. Leading scientific consortia

Stephen Parker's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - I integrated DNA structural information with evolutionary conservation theory to implement a novel algorithm that detects patterns of DNA structural constraint in a multi-species sequence alignment
    - I published a paper that is one of the first to focus on non-coding mutations in cancer genomes by developing and implementing novel analysis programs and approaches
    - I have integrated high-dimensional data sets using a high-performance compute cluster to annotate the regulatory landscape of human pancreatic islets and found that these annotations help explain type 2 diabetes susceptibility loci
    - I have co-authored over 20 scientific papers, and been awarded research funding for my study proposals