Innovative People

Stephen Thergesen

Stephen Thergesen As an information technologist, I co-developed a web-based, online, publicly accessible, statewide, multi-type library network; co-developed and published a K-12 academic standards and performance assessment CD-ROM and companion website; developed content and training for, promoted, and administered a state agency website; staffed a state legislative information technology professional development group and managed a bibliographic research database; and administered and supported legacy office automation systems as both a customer and a vendor representative.

As an adult educator specializing in ESL, I have taught English in the classroom to post-secondary international students preparing for admission to North American higher education institutions; home tutored a resettled refugee; and tutored and mentored a global array of non-native English learners in their efforts to gain admission to English-speaking higher education institutions, interview for positions with English-speaking multinational corporations, and prepare for relocation or resettlement in English-speaking countries. I also regularly volunteer for editing projects for brand-name and independent publishers of ESL teaching materials.