Steve Hulsey

Steve Hulsey
I have invented intelligence systems for marketing power that I plan to use in grocery chains, banks and other businesses who wish to serve consumers with leading innovative style and prestige, complete with marketing tools that will revolutionize the shopping experience for every customer, to lead the world to the next era in consumer marketing.

I've also invented social networking websites that I plan to incorporate into the Creative Innovations site, to serve the world with a unified philanthropic network to allow for accomplishments unlikely to be achieved otherwise.

I design automated manufacturing equipment for high quality and speedy production rates. I encourage businesses to use automated equipment for the sake of increasing production to allow for career development, rather than to replace people with machinery.

My designs in high power combustion engines allows for compression adjustments while running, an accomplishment never achieved so far. I will build my next generation series of motors for my sport car production, which is also an innovated to make cars with much stronger structure at about half the weight, with remarkable performance.

I designed a sound system that will perfectly capture and reproduce samples in amazing detail, with new technologies in sampling with graphing systems, digital automated mixing, amplification and transducer units. The complete system operates on new technologies unlike anything ever seen before. The system will crank out amazingly powerful and perfected sound waves to set new standards.