Problem Solver

Steve Swan

I am a full time inventor. By working on projects outside my normal range of experience I have proved that it is often beneficial to have someone on the team who can think differently to those who are constantly involved in a particular project area or product. A fresh pair of eyes gives rise to questions not previously asked.

Areas Steve Swan is Knowledgeable in:

Solving practical and mechanical design problems. I am particularly knowledgeable in racing rowing boats, gardening, building, do it yourself, tools and sports equipment

Techniques Steve Swan Uses:

I undertake a full analysis of any prior art relating to a project I am working on, essential in recognising what improvements are required to create an enhanced solution. Rather than go towards CAD drawing, my initial approcah involvs concept modelling to get the feel of the products, materials and issues involved

Steve Swan's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. racing rowing boat design
  2. concept modelling

Steve Swan's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have registered designs for new racing rowing boats aimed at the leisure and adaptive marakets. I am part of an R & D team for a global leader in racing rowing boat manufacture
  2. I have developed and patented a new design of ice skate that significantly reduces the skater falling over so they can learn to skate very quickly
  3. I am working on medical device to delver targeted pain releif in conjunction with a medical consultant
  4. I have designed a suite of gardening and do it yourself products including tools and products for making work easier in gardening and building
  5. I have designed a walking self standing stick
  6. I have designed a water saving device