Problem Solver

Steven Moyse

Areas Steven Moyse is Knowledgeable in:

Solar cells, CVD, thin film technologies and melting rocks.

Techniques Steven Moyse Uses:

Problem identification, preparation/planning and goal oriented solutions

Steven Moyse's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Dip coatings
  2. Spin coating
  3. CVD - chemical vapour deposition
  4. PV - DSSC & Solid state solar cells
  5. Thin film technology
  6. Float Glass technology
  7. Glass coatings
  8. CVD precursors
  9. Spray coatings

Steven Moyse's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Vibrational induction furnace incorporating gas burners. The scanning vibrational induction technology reduced overall gas consumption by 21% (reducing furnance operating costs), whilst still producing high quality products for further processing.
  2. Developed CVD precusors for group D metal doped thin films as blocking layers to reduce back reactions in dye sensitized solar cells.