Problem Solver

Steven Streetman


Areas Steven Streetman is Knowledgeable in:

risk assessment, sensor integration, CBRN, terrorism, data specifications and analysis, real estate, seed testing, stock selection, data collection and structuring

Techniques Steven Streetman Uses:

probabilistic risk assessment, DODAF design and documentation, monte carlo sampling methods, stochastic simulation, game theory, multi-attribute utility theory, functional decomposition, subject matter expert elicitation methods (including Delphi method and NUREG 1150), optimization methods, sensitivity analysis, uncertainty analysis, genetic algorithms

Steven Streetman's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. sensor integration
  2. modelling and simulation
  3. data fusion
  4. data standards and interoperability
  5. risk analysis and risk management
  6. analysis of codes and ciphers
  7. weapons of mass destruction / chemical, biological, nuclear and radiological agents
  8. seed testing analysis
  9. stock and bond analysis
  10. cryptocurrency
  11. commercial real estate

Steven Streetman's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed and executed complex terrorism risk analysis methodologies using a variety of models and methods.
  2. I developed a patented method for integration of generic sensor types and implemented the method in several operational sensor monitoring systems
  3. I developed private, national, and international standards for sensor data interoperability.
  4. I developed test analysis systems for seed crops and proposed use of drones in monitoring test crops
  5. I assisted with applying natural language processing and artificial intelligence techniques in selecting stocks and bonds