Sue Adams star Proven Solver

Sue Adams's Training:

My relevant formal training includes Communications and English courses that were completed as part of the Business Administration program. Experience acquired outside of a formal setting, can best be described by understanding that one must grasp the different styles of communication that individuals have, and one must factor in personality types, which can be influenced by cultural and educational background. The most important skill I feel I posses, is that I am a keen LISTENER.

Sue Adams's Experience:

Working with large corporate, government and private sector businesses and also being the owner and president of three unrelated businesses (from diverse market sectors), has been a life time hands-on experience of harnessing intelligent human communication and implementing strategies to build a solid internal and external network. Effective communication is a key contribution to the overall success of any organization.

Sue Adams's Experience with Online Groups:

In my current role as President of Altapure Canada Inc. I have brought together a major corporate business looking for a solution to their biological problem, two university research teams, and an Industry Association group. Each party has brought both questions and strategic ideas to the table, and we are now in the process of testing the technology solutions against the problem. Each party to the effort has had much to gain and much to contribute to the overall success.

My role has been one of leadership to help the group work to reach the best possible decisions. I have handled the practical and logistical steps of facilitating the multiple Skype conferences, keeping the discussions moving and on track. Following the conversations, I have compiled summaries of the discussions, outlined key decisions made, and listed the action items for the parties.