Problem Solver

Suraj Seth

Areas Suraj Seth is Knowledgeable in:

Organization / Government functions, improving their operational systems for optimal results.

Techniques Suraj Seth Uses:

Identification of various dimensions/ factors contributing to achieving goals; assessment of their inter se proportions; employing tools to resolve conflicts and build up advantageous proportions and vice versa to build models and establish their validity to achieve desired goals.

Suraj Seth's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Mathematics, Physics, Law and Logic

Suraj Seth's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Put system in place to ensure expeditious disposal of matters in organizations working within the constraints of binding legal framework, notable among which are optimal resource management to achieve organization goal.
    Building up system to minimize the intensity of conflicts to optimize achievement of goals.
    Identification of factors and their inter se proportions and various operations affecting them to build models to achieve specific a result.
  2. Presently perfecting a system comprising of data bank and developing tools for appreciating that data to always benefit from the operations in any capital market at any time, aimed at progressively increasing annual return on investment on regular basis beyond 50% per annum.