Surendra Khuntia

Surendra Khuntia

(1). Rectangular - Jet Slurry Pump.
(2). Continuous billet reheating coal fired furnace replacing furnace oil.
(4) Cyclone combustor for generation of ash free hot gas at 2,0000C from high ash coal.


(6). Low cost power operated Paddy Threshers (3 designs).
(7). Low cost Paddy Thresher - cum - Winnower.
(8). Semi - automatic Pulse Thresher- cum- Winnower (2 designs).
(9). Fully automatic Pulse Thresher- cum- Winnower (2 designs)
(10). Multi-purpose Grain Winnower.
(11). Multi-purpose mincing machine
(12). Coal / wood fired energy efficient downdraft pottery Kiln (3 designs).
(13). Energy efficient multi-fuel cook stoves (portable & fixed- 06 designs)
(14). Energy efficient biomass fixed chulhas (with & without chimney- 16 designs)
(15). Multi-purpose biomass operated Bukhari (stove- cum -space heater)
(16). Multi-purpose biomass operated Oven for stoving of paints.
(17). Multi-purpose Biomass operated Drier (3 designs).
(18). Low cost coal fired pot furnace for melting Brass & Bell metal.
(19). Low cost “TERAFIL” red clay water purification media( disc/candle).
(20). Low cost “TERAFIL” domestic water purifiers (Point of Use)( 3 designs).
(21). “TERAFIL” Stand-alone gravity flow water purification plants(100 to 1,000 Lit/day).
(22). “TERAFIL” Pressure flow on-line water purifiers (200 to 5,000 Lit/Hr)
(23) “TERAFIL” Terafil gravity flow water purification plants (1,000 to 10, 00,000 Lit/day).
(24) “TERAFIL” Travel water filter.
(25). Low cost biomass fired Bakery Oven
(26). Low cost Glazing of Terracotta
(27). Energy efficient biomass fired Cardamom dryer (spice drier)
(28). Biomethanation plant for generation of high methane rich biogas from soiled vegetables.