Problem Solver

Surendra Khuntia

Surendra Khuntia

Areas Surendra Khuntia is Knowledgeable in:

Biomass Renewable Energy, Water purification, Drying, Coal fired furnace, Rural technology

Techniques Surendra Khuntia Uses:

By design, R&D and appliying technology

Surendra Khuntia's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Development of equipment for specific need
  2. Drinking water
  3. Appropriate technology for societal development
  4. Renewable energy
  5. Artisan technology

Surendra Khuntia's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have invented flat water jet pump for solid- liquid mixing and pumping of slurry at high concentration without using moving parts. It operates by a centrifugal pump for creation of the water jet and reduces nearly 60% energy over traditional slurry pump. The flat jet pump is used for efficient dredging also.
  2. I have developed cyclone combustor for generation ash free high temperature gas (at 2,000 degee centigrade) from crushed high ash coal for thermal applications.
  3. I have designed & developed Down draft tunnel type Billet reheating coal fired furnace for continuous heating of steel billets from room temperature to 1250 Centigrade temperature, replacing petroleum oil for rolling applications. It is implemented by Hirakud Re-Rolling Mill, IDCOL, Govt of Odisha.
  4. I have developed low cost coal fired pot furnace for melting brass, bronze, bell metal etc, which has replaced use of wood charcoal by artisans in Odisha, India. It reduces about 90% heating cost and smoke & emission over traditional method. It is extensively used by metal artisans.
  5. I have invented low cost biomass operated open Drier(direct hot gas drying) for smokeless & efficient drying of large Cardamom & other spices. It reduces 85% biomass consumption and increases 45% essential oil in dried cardamom due to smokeless & fast drying. Extensively disseminated in North Eastern States of India.
  6. I have invented and designed Down draft tunnel type coal/ wood fired kiln ( Trade name; QUEEN kiln) for sintering of Terracotta, ceramic, minerals etc up to uniform temperature of 1,000 Centigrade, with capacity: 2 CuM, 4 CuM, 6 CuM, 12CuM. It reduces nearly 65% fuel consumption & sintering period without wastage and smoke over traditional kilns. Disseminated extensively in different parts of India.
  7. I have invented low cost biomass operated bakery oven which is being disseminated in different parts of India.
  8. I have invented power operated Pulse Thresher & winnower ( Semi & fully automatic) for threshing & cleaning of a variety of grains; such as Green gram, Black gram, Horse gram, lentils, Arhar etc without grain loss in crop residues and nearly 80 % reduced labour. It increases yield about 15% over traditional method. Disseminated in Odisha, India.
  9. I have invented low cost biomass operated clean air multi-purpose drier for efficient drying of various food materials, grains, spices, vegetables etc with high thermal efficiency (80%). The drier is patented & being disseminated in different parts of India.
  10. I have designed and developed On-line TERAFIL water purifiers for domestic & community applications with capacities; 200 liter/hr to 5,000 liters/hr. I have also developed travel Terafil water filter.
  11. I have designed and developed Stand-Alone gravity flow TERAFIL water purifiers for community applications with capacities; 1000 liter/day to 1.0 million liters/day. More than 50,000 units of community Terafil water filters installed in school and villages of different states of India at present.
  12. I have developed various low cost TERAFIL based Point-of-Use (domestic water filters) for purification of drinking water by the households. More than 0.2 million units of domestic Terafil water filters are produced & disseminated in different parts of India now.
  13. I have invented a low cost red clay water purification media(disc), Trade name: TERAFIL, for efficient purification of both surface & ground raw water into clean drinking water without electricity at minimum cost (Indian Rupee: 2.0 per ton product water), without waste management. TERAFIL water filters are being produced by MSMEs and disseminated extensively in most of the states under BHARAT NIRMAN & JALMANI Drinking water National programme of MDWS, Govt of India. About 500 million liters/ day Terafil purified drinking water are supplied in India at present.
  14. I have developed a low cost Power operated Paddy Thresher & Winnower for reduction of grain loss in crop residues, efficient threshing with 80% reduction of labour. This machine is produced by MSMEs and extensively disseminated with subsidy to the farmers under National programme in Odisha and other states in India. More than 0.25 million units of thresher disseminated.
  15. I have invented a variety of low cost energy efficient biomass stationary cook stoves with/ without chimney ( Model name: SK-1, SK-2, SK-3, SK-4, SK-DELUX etc) for cooking in a complete smoke/gas free kitchen with high thermal efficiency for conservation of biomass and reduction of Green House Gas for protection of environment. More than 3.0 million units of these cook stoves disseminated in different parts of India under National programme of MNRE, Govt of India.
  16. I have invented and patented Multi-fuel portable Cook Stoves (trade name: HARSHA) for efficient combustion of a variety of solid fuels & wastes; such as firewood, animal droppings, coal, briquettes, leave, twig & agro-waste etc with high thermal efficiency and reduced emissions & GHG within limits of Bureau of Indian Standard for efficient cooking & heating applications in households. More than 1.0 million Harsha Multifuel stove has been produced by MSMEs and disseminated in different parts of India under National programme of MNRE, Govt of India.
  17. I have designed a numbers EOT crane, sluice gate for irrigation projects and many heavy structures for industry
  18. I have developed low cost biogas reactor for efficient & fast generation of methane rich biogas from spoiled vegetables without spent slurry & waste management.
  19. I have invented mincing machine for fast size reduction of fish, vegetable & leafy biomass.