Problem Solver

Tamar Savtchenko

Areas Tamar Savtchenko is Knowledgeable in:

Medicine. Pharmacology. Neuroscience.

Techniques Tamar Savtchenko Uses:

Depends on the problem . I brain storm than research or vice versa.
Sometimes an idea is just born.

Tamar Savtchenko's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Out of the box thinking
  2. Creative
  3. autodidact

Tamar Savtchenko's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Currently designing a whole integrated AI approach to mental health problem that can be used on national scale as a preventive and therapeutic measure by health services
  2. Designed eco-friendly supermarket model. Just an idea, I'm a thinker not a business woman
  3. Started a clinical use of ultrasonic and photon therapy in a veterinary practice