Problem Solver

Tanguy Van Regemorter

Tanguy Van Regemorter

Areas Tanguy Van Regemorter is Knowledgeable in:

Material chemistry and chemical processes
New fabrication technologies like 3D printing or laser machining to fabricate complex parts in ceramic, metal or technical plastics for chemical processes
Address complex challenges from production processes in severe environment
High precision coating of different metals and oxides on glass, polymer and ceramics for biosensors or electrochemical applications

Tanguy Van Regemorter's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Materials properties and surface modifications
  2. Mixing fluids
  3. Sensors development

Tanguy Van Regemorter's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I identified the right technological partner for R&D projects in the field of flow chemistry to develop with the reseach center a new stainless steel 3D printed reactionware
  2. Design and manufacturing (3D printed stainless steel) of static mixers for flow chemistry applications (mixing viscous fluids, create emulsions, pre-mixing, impinging jet applications...)
  3. With a multidisciplinary team, we design a solution to create an automated production of cake. My task focused on the proper mixing design and the identification of adapted coatings
  4. Fluid distributor to bring liquid from one tube to 6 reaction ware in parallel