Problem Solver

Tanya Dale

Tanya Dale

Areas Tanya Dale is Knowledgeable in:

marketing, advertising, personal development, coaching, career development, mentoring, business development, entrepreneurship

Techniques Tanya Dale Uses:

I benchmark the best of the best in my client's industry to picture what they do to be on top of their game. Then I make a road map of how my client can not only match what the best companies are doing but also how my client can do better, achieve a higher Return on Investment and do all of that cost-effectively.

Tanya Dale's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have started a marketing agency and made it a success via deploying a unique offering to SMEs - outsourced marketing department services which integrates daily marketing consultancy with executing a whole range of advertising and marketing techniques.
    I found and developed the first Bulgarian magazine dedicated to personal development.
    I worked as a Marketing Executive for a company in the utilities industry, taking them to top 3 in their industry.
    I have created hundreds of marketing strategy plans. The last one increased my client's new profit with 400% in under 24 months.
    I am a business mentor for business students in the UK helping them to create the best version of themselves.