Problem Solver

Tapan Dey

Areas Tapan Dey is Knowledgeable in:

Design of development project for NGOs and development agencies, participatory research, project concept note design, LFA, Disaster preparedness, response, and rehabilitation, WASH, Monitoring and Evaluation, monitoring tools development, • Tools & Techniques for analysing of community livelihood
• Sustainable Livelihood Framework (SLF)
• Livelihood Rights
• Livelihood Promotion
• Program design on livelihood promotion of Ultra Poor

Techniques Tapan Dey Uses:

Participatory research, community perception and opinions, implementation of participatory approach for innovate solution.

Tapan Dey's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Project design on Development project of NGOs, INGOs, donor agencies, Project concept Note design, Express of interest, M&E,

Tapan Dey's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have design a Community Led water and sanitation sanitation project for solve water and environmental sanitation problems of the community.
    I have design and implement capacity building of ultra poor (CUP) project for solve livelihood problems of extreme poor