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The QED Radiations website describes the problem of classical physics always assuming the atom heat capacity. Quantum mechanics differs by requiring the heat outdated - based on classical capacity to vanish at the nanoscale. Simulations of heat transfer in nanostructures using classical physics instead of quantum mechanics- give unphysical results: Nanofluids violate mixing rules Thermal conductivity depends on size Nanostructures do not charge The Universe is expanding Nanoparticles do not damage DNA Diiscrete Molecular Dynamics invalid and many others. . QED induced radiation based on the vanishing heat capacity of the atom by quantum mechanics avoids the unphysical when conserving heat by creating photons instead of increasing temperature The QED photons created in < 100 nm nanostructures under the confinement of total internal reflection have high Planck energy that charge the nanostructure by the photoelectric effect, and if not, are emitted to the surroundings. QED Radiations was founded by Thomas Prevenslik, a retired American living in Hong Kong, who frequently travels to China, Europe and the USA.

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