Problem Solver

Thomas Shuuya

Areas Thomas Shuuya is Knowledgeable in:

Hydrometallurgy (Leaching, Solvent Extraction, Electrowinning)
Automotive Management
Fundamental Stock Analysis
Business Management
Strategic Marketing
New Technologies and Innovation
Project management

Techniques Thomas Shuuya Uses:

- Problem definition
- Evaluation of options
- Quality function deployment
- Target costing
- Kano model

Thomas Shuuya's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Drafting reports
  2. Creating presentations
  3. Process control
  4. Risk assessment
  5. Process optimization
  6. Budgeting and optimization of reagent consumption
  7. Calculating business case
  8. Quality functional deployment
  9. Conducting market studies
  10. Technical analysis of stocks
  11. Transfer pricing
  12. Net working capital optimization
  13. Shareholder value evaluation
  14. Fundamental stock valuation
  15. Porter´s Five Forces Analysis
  16. SWOT analysis
  17. Wet ore screening
  18. Ore crushing
  19. Ore milling
  20. Leaching
  21. Solvent extraction
  22. Electrowinning
  23. Casting
  24. Target costing
  25. Benchmarking
  26. Production planning
  27. Conducting mass balances
  28. Drafting operating procedures
  29. Metal accounting
  30. Manpower planning
  31. Customer care
  32. Process audits
  33. Uncertainty-Impact Analysis
  34. Scenario building
  35. Manufacturing technology
  36. Supply chain risk management
  37. KANO Model
  38. Fast diagrams
  39. project management

Thomas Shuuya's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - I developed ore input points in zinc processing plant to achieve target metal input
    - I developed an alternative ore addition plan to enable the running of the ore mill after the trommel failure
    - Managed the current efficiency improvement project for the only zinc refinery in Africa (achieved a 3% improvement)
    - I developed and implemented a procedure to operate the leaching plant, in a zinc refinery, with limited steam supply
    - I developed a blending plan to minimize foaming at leaching tanks